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Portfolio 3 Markham


This is a typical comprehensive garden project involving many advanced and complicated construction such as retaining wall, floor covering, geothermal heat, big tree transplant, swimming pool break, terrain shaping, garden sketch, water feature, plant exclusive garden, garden light and automatic sprinkler irrigation Process, is to test the level of landscaping touchstone.


1. Let a originally enclosed, visually limited backyard turn into an open, beautiful, beautiful scene that fills the outer environment.

2. With a series of gardening practices so that the original off the road close at hand, bland private houses hidden in the mountains, widened the line of sight, has become mysterious and heavy, greatly enhancing the value of real estate, highlighting the owner Identity.

3. Details of attractions, garden novel novel, gardening tactics unique path.

4. To create most of the northern residential areas in most of the Chuk Yuen and Rhododendron Park.

5. Lane geothermal system snowy and worry-free.

6. Garden and Feng Shui combined.