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Portfolio 2 Stouffville


This is a larger backyard, west of the topography of the East low, divided into two distinct steps. The design uses the natural terrain to split the PATIO into two parts. The upper part and the lower part are made up of irregular steps and the rockeries, stone bridges and streams are set at the bottom of the low-lying place. A campfire barbecue area is arranged at the foot of the rockery.

Highlights: In a larger plot, with less floor space to build a continuous visual effects, to achieve a beautiful, practical and economical concept of gardening. Looking at the overall situation, the style of unity and distinct, the atmosphere seems natural, greatly enhance the value of the property; Close view of the details of the attractions to create Ingenuity, a flower, a stone are beautiful and novel among them wandering, it is a pleasant mood, relaxed and happy to bring endless joy to the owner.