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Portfolio 1 Aurora


Situated by the gateway to a secluded and luxury neighborhood, this home represents the “face” of this community.

The first challenge is limited space to the entrance of home, not only inconvenient to access but also jeopardizes the supposedly majestic appeal of the house.

The second challenge is various gradings of the existing slope in the back yard and that it lacks any definition of space and utility for the home owner. We present solutions that infuse landscaping elements to elevate visual appeal and optimize space utility.

In our holistic approach, we maintain constant two-way communication, thorough planning from the start with no cost overrun. After establishing multiple areas of interests: Outdoor kitchen, patio, open lounge and gazebo, we make all the areas flow seamlessly while adding highlights of their own. While clearly expressing the functionality of each space, everything comes Choice of materials, spatial relationships and connection all play a key role in creating a harmonious environment in the back yard.